When reading about the ideas for the SoC, I was reminded of an idea I
got when looking at a collegue showing me the L*bVi*w code development
environment. By interactively dragging out various blocks with a
different set of inputs and outputs and connecting these with
connectors he basically created a "dataflow". In LV these are usually
used for reading input from various HW sensors and displaying them in
dials etc. As I was thinking about other uses for the same idea, I
thought of two uses in Gimp. Either as what was mentioned on this list
as "effect layers" or as an alternative way of creating scripts. The
layer paridigm seems to be quite limited since it is effectively
one-dimensional. I believe that creating a canvas containing effect
boxes and connecting wires through which images and parameters would
flow, would be an easier interface to comprehend.

Sorry for these somewhat disconnected thoughts. Should I write it up
more organized in bugzilla?

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