David Neary wrote:
> Hi,
> Michael Schumacher said:
>>>  1. They must be able to compile the software   (a few students ended
>>>     loosing time by not having a propper dev environment)
>> They must be able to build current CVS.
> This should not be a prerequisite. Someone who knows the details of
> compiling software can learn how to build from CVS in a couple of days
> (for info: I say a couple of days because there are *lots* of
> prerequisites, and because using CVS itself is not obvious for someone
> who has never done so). Don't set the bar too high.

They can do it in days only if their platform of choice has the required
prerequisites. For example, you're out of luck with Debain stable or
another older release of a distro. But I explained this in the part you
didn't quote.


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