Michael Schumacher wrote:
Michael Schumacher said:
They must be able to build current CVS.
They can do it in days only if their platform of choice has the required
prerequisites. For example, you're out of luck with Debain stable or
another older release of a distro.

If you have an older release of a distro you are not out of luck as far as being able to build GIMP. It is often still possible as long as you first build the missing prerequisites. It just adds a little time to compile the extra packages.

I run a fairly current distro (currently Fedora Core 4). When I first upgraded from FC3 to FC4 my distro had all the needed prerequesites. Some while before before FC5 was released FC4 no longer had the required prerequesites as they were changed. It didn't didn't mean I was out of luck and would have to wait for the next upgrade to my distro.

In order to be able to build the CVS copy of GIMP once again it was only neccessary for me to build the latest atk, cairo, pango, glib, and gtk+ packages and install them in the separate directory I use for GIMP development.

Any GSOC student with a reasonably current distro should be capable of building GIMP. Its just a question of how many prerequisites they have to build. As long as they use a separate "sandbox" for GIMP development they won't have to worry about messing up their system.



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