> >       * Improve SIOX to give nice anti-aliased result. The current
> >       implementation is a nice bulletpoint in a feature-list, but
> >       the result is very jaggy and hardly usable as is. Unless you
> >       work at 4 times the final resolution perhaps.
> Perhaps Gerald could elaborate a bit about the Detail Refinement Brush
> for SIOX. There is already code for this in GIMP CVS. It just isn't
> used yet.

I would be really happy if the implementation of the DRB could be done
as a Google SoC project. And there is still room for speed
improvements in SIOX...Me or Kristian would be there for any

However, as far as I understood, there is still an issue: Is GIMP able
to display non-binary alpha values? I loaded in a PNG that I created
using the SIOX demonstration Applet and I saw that GIMP binarizes the
alpha values....


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