PLinnell writes:
 > Here is how Scribus launches GIMP on Win32 from within Scribus:
 > [...] If I am wrong, I hope someone corrects this.

I am sure you are right, but I don't see what your answer has to do
with the original question ;)

gimptool-2.0.exe, and the header files and import libraries for GIMP
2.2, can be found in . Yes, I know
the current GIMP 2.2 version is 2.2.11, but the API hasn't changed
(that's the point with stable versions), so even if this developer
package is for 2.2.7 it will work fine for plug-in development for any
GIMP 2.2.x.

There probably ought to be a public link to this file somewhere,
people ask for gimptool-2.0 on Windows now and then.


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