Tom Lechner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I desperately want a tool that can stretch a selection or layer in a  
> curvy sort of way on the main window, because I frequently want to  
> place images inside of other images in such a way that the  
> scale/rotate/perspective tools are not sufficient, nor are the curve  
> bend or image warp plugins. Speaking of the rotate/etc tools, when  
> shifting around, the thing is shifted as an opaque thing, rather than  
> with its actual transparency, which is very irritating (i've only used  
> the Gimp up to 2.2.11, maybe its different later?).

That's a limitation of the current preview code. There's a already bug
report for it but currently noone is working on this.

> So then, what is the easiest way to add a kind of transform tool
> that stretches the current selection based on a cubic tensor product
> patch?  I read a post somewhere in the archives that said it was
> mostly "easy" to add new tools. So what does "easy" entail? I've
> only spent an hour or two less'ing the gimp source, so I'm still not
> too sure yet what's what.

Have a look at the implementation of the existing transform
tools. That should give you an idea how to add a new one. I am not
sure though if your proposed tool will fit easily into the existing
transform tool framework.


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