Hi, I just heared a linux link teach show where a girl was saying that the gimp didnt handel as large files as photoshop.

wanted to test this out, so I set my tile cache to 512meg. and undo to 512 also..

and made an 8000x8000 file in the gimp and Photoshop and did some tests.

Gimp CVS as of today and Photoshop 7 under wine.

* Painting with an 1000 size brush, both performed about the same on both.
* Curves was much faster on photoshop.

I tried gimp and photoshop with nice -20, highest priority) -
Gimp was noticable faster..
Photoshop didnt make much difference, (not sure how wine handels nice)

From the updates to curve, it looks like the tile size for photoshop is Higher then teh gimps. I was wondering is there a way to increase gimps tilesize - would there be any benifit?

On the other hand, Photoshop may be working on a smaller copy of the image at 1:1,
has this been considered by the gimp dev's?

- Cam
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