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> This link is about my idea: http://gimp.mrtech.ru/
> There is short article. But if you are interested in I can show all
> mathemetic calculations, graphics and other materials I have.

Your application submitted in the Google SoC web interface should
definitely contain links to this material.

It should also contain an overview of your educational background, and a
rough schedule of the tasks you'll have to do.

> Well, today is 7 may and for registration I have only 1 day. So, I
> would like to know answer for my question: if I can develop this
> module in the context Summer of Code?

Right now, my answer would be "no". This looks like "yet another edge
detection filter".

This might be caused by mutual problem with the english language - from
your description, there seems to be much more than is visible in the
example images, almost like you're trying to convert an image to a
vector representation with the ability to restore the bitmap image (the
"parameters" your were talking about?).

You should show us why your approach it is outstanding - for example,
how it performs in comparison to other edge detection filters in GIMP.
Also, a short summary of possible uses (image analysis?, image
recognition?) would help us to understand what a user can do with your

Please submit your application to Google, and try to include anything
make makes it possible to understand what you're going to do.


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