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> Well, today is 7 may and for registration I have only 1 day. So, I
> would like to know answer for my question: if I can develop this
> module in the context Summer of Code?

Right now, my answer would be "no". This looks like "yet another edge
detection filter".

True, although it seems like a better edge-detector than anything we
have so far.

This might be caused by mutual problem with the english language - from
your description, there seems to be much more than is visible in the
example images, almost like you're trying to convert an image to a
vector representation with the ability to restore the bitmap image (the
"parameters" your were talking about?).

You should show us why your approach it is outstanding - for example,
how it performs in comparison to other edge detection filters in GIMP.
Also, a short summary of possible uses (image analysis?, image
recognition?) would help us to understand what a user can do with your

Please submit your application to Google, and try to include anything
make makes it possible to understand what you're going to do.

One thing you might consider is that it appears that you already have
working code, and in that case, converting that working code into a
working GIMP plugin is usually a fairly straightforward process that
is far less work than the scope of a typical SoC project.  If there is
a way you can think of broadening your proposal, it would help.  You
obviously have the education and experience that is most useful in a
GIMP collaborator.

There are several example projects you might be interested in tackling
alongside converting your code into a GIMP plugin.  Perhaps one of
those captures your imagination.  Some of them involve plug-ins, so
would be a natural tie-in.

You also might want to propose doing some work in translating the GIMP
UI and/or help into your native language.  While pure documentation
work is not allowed by Google, I see nothing that forbids *any*
documentation work, and depending on the state of the translation of
gimp into your native tongue, it could be a great help to us.  Still,
if you do that, I suggest that you make at least one other proposal
(Google allows you up to 20!) in case it gets disqualified.

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