Hi Andreas,

On Tue, May 09, 2006 at 05:57:30PM +0200, Andreas Henriksson wrote:

> Looking through the API specifications, I can't find a good way to flatten
> an image into image and alpha. I'm trying to make a save plugin for the
> Nintendo DS's texture formats, there is a list of them at
> http://dualis.1emulation.com/dsti.html#lcdioteximgparam . What I really want
> to do is probably to extract the alpha data, flatten the image, convert the
> image to indexed, convert the alpha, then apply the alpha again for preview.

What do you mean by "apply the alpha again for preview"? You could also
"merge visible layers" which preserves the alpha channel. Then you only
need to remove invisible layers and may convert to indexed with up to
255 colors, so you get 1 bit alpha.



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