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On May 14 at 12:25:59, Alan Horkan wrote:
> In all seriousness I would not risk putting the word "gimp" anywhere on my
> CV and I have had funny reactions (funny weird, never funny ha ha) when
> explaining the GIMP to users not already familiar with it.

Remember that not in all languages the "gimp" word has funny connotations,
but only in english. I got the word gimp in my curriculum and it's ok. 
Actually the people on human resources don't know the meaning of most of
the acronyms in a curriculum ;).

> > a statement like this, if it really could happen, would clearly show how
> > completely unprofessional the "professional world" would be and would be
> > a very good reason for good people to take things over.
> Interviewers are notoriously shallow, how few people risk going to a job
> interview not wearing a suit?  (Rhetorical question.)

Me (non-rhetorical answer :))


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