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> Well... I don't think I've even seen an IBM product with a name as bad
> as The GIMP. I think a name change would be a good idea- it might be a

As you can see from this discussion non-English speakers aren't bothered
by the name.  More often a project picks a name without realising it means
something rude in another language.

Distributions have already tackled the problem of confusing project names
by showing a generic description such as "Image Editor" instead.

> little damaging in the short term, yes - just imagine all the fun that
> the various Linux distros would have, for instance - but would probably
> lead to a brighter future.

Using the full title GNU Image Manipulation Program is cumbersome but an
adequate workaround in the meantime.

> You'd need a real initiative from the real Top Brass people to change
> the name, though, or it would never happen - until then, arguments about
> it are just so much hot air.

I wasn't arguing.  I was stating the fact that the name causes problems
since in English gimp is more often known as to mean person with a limp or
interested in bondage than it is a type of knot (a meaning I only learned
after looking it up in a dictionary after a similar discussion on this

Sven has already made it very clear he doesn't want to change the name and
would not even accept patches which made it easier to change the name.
(Firstly I'd like to remove the over use of the word within the
application lables but if I were allowed I would try to make it a
configuration option.)

Certification (as this thread was originally about) would be best handled
by a third party who already do other certification.


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