Martin Nordholts ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> >We earlier had it the other way around: Click would create the layers
> >with the defaults, Shift-Click would show the dialog.
> >We then switched it around again, because Shift-Clicking to get the
> >dialog, made the dialog a pretty hidden feature. Most people would not
> >even be aware that there is a dialog, that is pretty useful at times.
> Ah, it was the other way around before, I see.
> From previous discussions however, I concluded that GIMP is not inteded to 
> be an app for newbies, but rather be effective to its faithful users.

I don't think that discoverability is about newbies vs. professionals.

> >Better have an undiscoverable workflow-optimization than an
> >undiscoverable feature.
> Note that the patch does not affect that when you use the Layer _menu_ 
> instead of the shortcut button in the Layer window, the dialog shows as 
> default. I find this quite logical too, that the "shortcut" command should 
> be fast, and the "slower" menu command should offer more details.

Actually it would be interesting to review the usage of buttons in the
GIMP, maybe it would be an interesting topic for an usability study.
Then we could try to make this consistent all across the GIMP.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if some usability engineer would tell us,
that buttons usually ask for an immediate action to the image (or
whatever is supposed to manipulated by the button) and that dialogs in
that case are not that usable. But I'd like to argue about this in a
more global scope. Discussing this for a specific button is not that
useful: Arguments get over-emphasized (as if this were the most
important button in the GIMP) and we lose the big picture.

> >If you know about the Shift-Click it basically is not more or less
> >convenient than a simple click on the button. Hence I don't see how
> >switching this around again would drastically improve the workflow.
> Having to use two hands instead of one is a dramatic loss of workflow IMHO. 

Uh, please back that up.

> If you would want _one_ new layer per image, than this doesn't matter. 
> However, for more serious work where creating many layers often, having to 
> use the left hand for shift is not effective I think.

Why? I don't buy this.

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