1. If this is to be a poll of user preferences, my vote is to keep things as they are. The first reason has to do with hidden functionality (as previously discussed) and the second is that this *is* an issue of "user preference" with, what I would guess is, about a 50/50 split; since half the people will be happy/unhappy regardless, I suggest expending efforts on things that will increase the amount of satisfaction amongst users (not just shift it around).

2. If the suggestion is being made that new layers be restricted to image size, I am strongly opposed. If it is that removing the size specification eliminates the need for a dialog; I would ask how the other options (name and fill type) should be handled.

3. I must be misunderstanding this; I have never seen the GIMP exhibit this behavior (unless the layers are linked).

4. My personal opinion is that the "menu across the top" is one of the most archaic and ill-conceived holdovers of MacOS. It is the GUI equivalent of a "flat name-space" and hinders a window manager from managing windows (think thin clients accessing a server running the GIMP).

As an alternative to the "tool button opens up an array of tool buttons", might I propose that the toolbar itself be made into a "kiosk" arrangement with multiple sides that hold different configuration of buttons (each one a user-defined toolbar which might even duplicate buttons on the other sides). Arrows at the top would allow you to switch between different tool setups. This would seem to be (relatively) easy to accomplish and retain user configurability and backwards compatibility.

5. I don't really use the GIMP for much text editing. No comment.

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