On Wed, May 31, 2006 at 10:37:17PM +0200, Pedro Alonso wrote:

> I am Pedro Alonso, a SoC student working in the project "Vanishing
> Point clooning".

Great project.
> http://www.pedroalonso.es/mockups/plot1f.png
> http://www.pedroalonso.es/mockups/plot2f.png
> http://www.pedroalonso.es/mockups/plot3f.png

I think it would be nice to get around having a modal dialog 
(one with Cancel/OK) for a more straightforward interaction.

How about having a tab next to Layers/Channels/Paths for 
perspective planes? You would create a new one by just using  
the p-plane tool similar to how paths are created.
Each p-plane in the list could be toggled on/off. Every tool, 
as far as possible, should be affected by p-planes.
The p-plane tab would also allow creation of selections from 
the planes (like with paths).

One think I'm unsure about is how to handle plane extension.
With your example image, the same perspective is everywhere, 
so one would need a way to say the p-plane is defined in a 
smaller area, but covers all.
But if there would be a vertical wall in that image, you 
would need a second p-plane. Saying that one of them covers 
all of the image, except where the other p-plane is, wouldn't 
be good enough in some cases.
A solution could be to define for each edge, wether the plane 
extends in that direction.

Thorsten Wilms
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