[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2006-06-01 at 0145.44 +0200):
> My take is you probably don't need to have multiple plane setups per
> image so having some sort of VP toggle similar to our quickmask would be
> sufficient. Toggle it off - work just like normally. Toggle it on and
> things get translated based on the planes. The tricky part is how to
> provide a mean to add, remove and edit the planes that fits in the
> current UI. 

That solution is simple, but has a small difference with quickmask.
With QM you can save to channels, it is slower, but solves the problem
of losing past masks. So probably a similar approach could be used
then, so you can store planes for later (the equivalent of channels)
and thus be able to work with less crowded interface (only planes you
really need at a given time).
> Another solution would be to provide a completely separate environment
> with duplicated select and clone tools. Something like how the imagemap
> plugin "takes" the drawable into its hands. I believe that's how
> Photoshop VP does it.

Out of image editing is a bit sucky. If there is a way so it
integrates with all tools, it would be really nice.

> And finally, some more crack -- maybe it would be nice to have some
> basic "mesh" objects to define instead of simple planes. Imagine you
> would want to clone a grafitti onto a round tv tower top. It would be
> sweet to be able to define a "sphere" made of small planes. You'd have
> your source plane with the grafitti and the target sphere... 

That starts to sound like 3d app with UV mapping. Poor Pedro. :]

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