On Thu, 2006-06-01 at 00:34 -0400, Kevin Cozens wrote:

> What next?
> Script-Fu should be removed from the GIMP source tree and made available 
> as a separately developed project. This would allow the first two issues 
> listed under "Differences" to be easily solved.

How would this solve the issues? Do you propose that the installation of
script-fu or tiny-fu is mutually exclusive? This would of course be the
ideal solution. But since you say that tiny-fu is never going to be able
to run all script-fu scripts unmodified, the chance that anyone would
install tiny-fu in favor of script-fu seems rather small.

> In regards to some people thinking that moving Script-Fu out of the GIMP 
> source tree is going to make some people feel Script-Fu is being retired 
> they would be correct. A number of the GIMP developers have been wanting 
> Script-Fu to die for some time. It has just been a question of when, 
> rather than if, it will happen.

With the Python binding maturing, it could become the default GIMP
script interpreter. But people will still want to be able to run some
script-fu script occasionally.


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