I fail to see why Tiny-fu can't be made backwards compatible with SIOD; at least sufficiently enough to justify a direct substitution. If compatibility is assumed as a premise (and the appropriate changes to Tiny-fu implemented), the differences that Kevin Cozens described all but disappear.

Quote from Kevin:

Differences and problems compared to Script-Fu

1. The filenames of Tiny-Fu scripts must end in .sct to avoid conflicts with Script-Fu scripts. 2. Scripts must use Tiny-Fu/tiny-fu instead of Script-Fu/script-fu in public function names and in the register block.
3. Variables must be defined before first use.
4. Local variables are local in scope and not global as they are in Script-Fu. 5. Parsing (and execution of scripts?) seems a bit slower compared to Tiny-Fu.
6. Tiny-Fu includes many of the SIOD functions via a compatability layer.

1. Don't require the ".sct" extension; make Tiny-fu execute ".scm" files.
2. If Tiny-fu is backwards compatible then there is no need to differentiate the function names. 3. This is good programming practice, anyway, and enforcing it is not a horrendous idea.
4. Same comment as for #3.
5. Speed isn't a great concern either way.
6. Nothing wrong with this. If this compatibility layer is implemented as an extension, it could eventually be deprecated.

The main difficulty would seem to be with concerns #3 and #4; they would be most likely to "break" existing scripts. I would propose the following project to address this issue (I have seen similar proposals made previous in the mailing list, in particular for the SoC):

Create a more advanced and coordinated "Plug-in Registry" which would be the official repository for Script-fu plug-ins (IMO, there is no need to change the Script-fu name because the interpreter is changed from SIOD to Tiny Scheme). This repository could perhaps be a Source Forge project; but something a bit more advanced than the current Registry (e.g., supporting of versions and "packages").

Errors that result from compatibility issues would prompt the user with the message that they must upgrade their script. If something similar to the "ss" sockets extension (available to SIOD but not the GIMP's Script-fu) were supported, perhaps this upgrade process could be automated, fetching the appropriate files from the previously mentioned repository. Eventually, the repository should hold Tiny Scheme versions of all worthwhile existing scripts and any new submissions should be verified for Tiny Scheme consistency.

I very much enjoy working with Script-fu and would be willing to volunteer to assist in updating scripts (the GPLed ones) and maintaining the Script-fu portion of such a repository (such a repository should probably also support the GIMP's other scripting languages). I am not confident of my skills in actually creating such a repository but perhaps someone else is.

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