On Saturday 03 June 2006 08:08, Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris wrote:
> On Saturday 03 June 2006 05:49 am, Juhana Sadeharju wrote:
> > Now to the quoted text.
> > In my software, I have already thought of using a license
> > which forbids their use in Windows. I don't know the license
> > details yet; perhaps GPL + restriction.
> >
> > The major point is that domestic computers are sold with Windows
> > preinstalled. I have not seen a domestic computer sold both with
> > Windows and Linux, or with Linux only. This is not entirely about
> > what people want: the Windows typically is ripped-down version
> > which comes with ripped-down, bannered versions of software. The
> > system is barely usable as standalone (not usable if you ask my
> > opinion).
> Just to stand the point: here they are starting to sell computers with
> linux only on the low end market. It is a step forward, but smaller
> than it looks like. Salesperson thenselves offer to install pirated
> windows versions on these computers for a small fee, for example.
> On the other hand some of the vendors thenselves make such a crappy
> install of Linux that no one can handle using it.  Linux Magazine
> Brasil tested a low end machine by HP that came with 128MB RAM and
> 1GB Swap space. The result: OpenOffice would take full 3 min. to
> start!

Here in the US Wallmart was selling PC's with Linux (Lindows) pre-installed.   
These were basic entry level machines being sold at very reasonable prices 
(US $200 2 years ago).  I don't know if they are still selling these.   In 
addition HP and Sun has been offering PCs with Linux pre-installed for 
several years now.  

In 2000 Linux was installed on about 1.5% of all desktop machines world wide.  
By 2003 this had grown to 2.8% and some are projecting that it will reach 6% 
this year and 12% by 2010.  Currently the Mac is at about 2.9%.  Clearly the 
use of OSS systems on the desktop is growing at a very rapid pace with 
desktop market share doubling every 3 to 5 years.

If OSS systems like Linux are going to become dominant on the desktop then 
this will happen because they are over all superior to proprietary systems 
not because of restrictive licensing.  In fact one of the advantages of using 
OSS systems and software is the fact that restrictive licenses are not the 

> And now, leaving this subject and back on what the main thread become:
> I am just finishing a 4 month course on the GIMP for people wiht
> little knowledge on computers and little wealth. All of then run
> Windows , if they have PC's - and if the GIMP did not run on windows,
> they'd have to be using some other software athome instead of the
> gimp.
> But, step by step we are getting there.
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