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I have a question for core developers about plugins :

How are the images and other parameters passed to (C++) plugins ?
via network or via the file system ?

Gimp plugins communicate with the gimp process through pipes.  Image
data is shared between the plugin and the gimp process using shared
memory if available, otherwise it is sent through the pipe.

Is there any documentation about the gimp plugins concept (I don't want
documentation on "how to build a plugin for gimp") ?

IIRC, the original (pre-gimp.org) website maintained by S & P had a
bit on how they work.  You might be able to find an archived version
of that site somewhere.  http://developer.gimp.org has the gtkdoc for
the applicable classes.  But really the best way to understand it is
to look at the code itself.  It's not that difficult of a read.  Off
the top of my head, I seem to recall that the names of the files most
involved are gimpplugin.c, gimpprotocol.c and gimpwire.c.

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