Okay, the old rectangle select tool has finally been removed from
cvs and the new, adjustable, one has taken its place.  It is hopefully
in something very close to its final form now.

The "rectangle tool" project has been a rather long and quite
cooperative effort.  I started it, using the old crop tool as the
take-off point; Edhel took over and rewrote the code completely,
turning it into an "interface" and converting the crop and ellipse
tools to use it; Neo provided guidance and feedback all along;
Mitch provided advice and lots of bug-fixes; and I came back at
the end to wrap up a few loose ends.

I won't say anything about how to use the new rectangle select tool
here, because it is supposed to be intuitive and discoverable -- to
the extent that it behaves contrary to your expectations, that is
probably a bug.  There are however just a couple of things worth

1) The Shift and Control keys are no longer usable to constrain
the rectangle to be square, and to expand from a center-point.
Instead there are tool options that do these things.  The overloading
of Shift and Control was always difficult to deal with in the
old tool, and in the new tool with movable edges, it turned out
to be completely impossible.

2) You will probably get a "GIMP-critical" error the first time
you run cvs-gimp after this change, because it tries to restore the
toolbox to its previous state and finds that one of the tools it is
looking for does not exist.  This is not a crasher (at least for me),
and it should only happen once, so just ignore it.

If you find something that is broken or doesn't seem to work right
from this point, please file a Bugzilla report.

  -- Bill

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