This is my first post here and I'm a newbie in english language and gimp too
so, please do not bite me! :-)

I'm writing here because I'm thinking to post a feature request on the gimp
bugzilla but I'm not shure. It seems too simple a request so I'm asking myself
if there is a really stupid reason for which gimp is behaving in this way...

Now the problem.

I use GIMP usually with many GIMP panels opened all together.
GIMP remembers windows position already and "this is a good thing (TM)".
When I use GIMP, if I temporarly open another program, when I want to return
to GIMP, I have to manually re-clic on to every gimp windows (toolbox,
images,layers, etc.) that I covered with the windows of the other program

Why not to bring all the GIMP windows up over all the others windows when I
clic on to one of the many GIMP windows?
This behaviour could be disabled by default in the preference window if
you find it "too much customized".



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