Sven Neumann writes:
> And so far I don't see anyone complaining about my proposal to not
> install any Python scripts at all with GIMP 2.4.

Not installing scripts that are there strictly as example code
makes sense. Would they stay in CVS head, so it would be easy
for people learning gimp-python to find them?

What about the few python scripts that perform functions that aren't
otherwise available? Even if they're not perfect, some of them
seem useful. For instance, py-slice can be very handy for some
people (if they don't have gimp-perl and perlotine).  Foggify is a
bit different from anything else that's installed by default, isn't
it? And it seems to work okay even if the default color makes me
wonder where the author lives (orange reflections from low-pressure
sodium lighting?)

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