Carol Spears wrote:
> i will address the text of the reply later today.
> it would be nice to wake up tomorrow and read a clear example of say,
> how one contacts people about a GNOME booth for an event in the northern
> california regions.  not how i contact them, but how you contact them.


Well, first I found out about the event (usually through hearing about
it one year, and then thinking of it earlier in the year next time
round). Occasionally, since I'm starting to become pretty well known for
some event stuff, people mail me to let me know about events they're
planning, or they mail the GNOME board. Then I contact the organisers
(either a cold call, or replying to their mail) to see what's involved
in having a representation - whether it'll cost money or is free for
free software projects, whether we can have a presentation slot, that
kind of thing. Usually, we can have a free stand, and I'm forwarded on
to another person for the call for papers type stuff. Then I'll inform
people about the possibility, and try to hunt volunteers for the event.
That's usually the hard bit.

Actually, apart from LWE, I don't know of any events in Northern California.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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