Michael Schumacher ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> It would be nice if everyone who is involved in SoC could provide a
> short status report - the overall progress, maybe some results (screen
> shots are usually very useful :). Or problems, if any.

I am mentoring two projects:

Proposal for implementing vector layers in the GIMP

Henk Boom is working on implementing vector layers for the GIMP and
has made nice progress. He basically has vector layers that work, a
rudimentary dialog for the stroke/fill properties, which could use some
HIG/GUI review, which is probably the place where input from you would
be helpful.

The vector layers do not yet get stored in XCF, there is a crash lurking
somewhere, we lack some updates (which I just figured out with mitch to
be a missing gimp_image_flush ()) and additional stroke types would be
nice, although they are probably the least important now.

Check out the soc-2006-vector-layers branch of this stuff and play with
it. I hope Henk is reading this as well and will get good input from

Henk logs his progress at http://lunarcrisis.pooq.com/Gimp/SoC2006Log .

Proposal for wavelets-based imaging applications in GIMP

Divyanshu Vats works on several wavelet based image manipulation tools.
His first thing was a JPEG2000 plugin, he is now working on denoising
and inverse halftoning.

This is more a research-type project. He has some interesting results.
Since he is mainly working on standalone plugins the code is not in the
GIMPs cvs yet.

He logs his progress at http://deebuv.wordpress.com/, although I've seen
stuff that is not visible there yet. From the images he mailed me he has
inverse halftoning basically working, but I did not see that code yet.

I'd welcome if both of my mentees (?) would present their view on the
current status on the gimp-developer mailing list as well  :-)

I hope this helps,
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