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> Juhana Sadeharju wrote:
> >> From: G Blair <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >>
> >> The Open Source booth was busy demonstrating packages such as gimp, 
> >> blender,
> >> inkscape, and others.  The degree of confidence varied.  Sample questions
> >> such as, "How do I remove red-eye?" stymied several volunteer gimp 
> >> operators.
> > 
> > Yep, open source people could learn to answer to that kind of questions.
> > The similar happens in pro-audio side as well.
> Could you add more background information to the snippet taken from
> another message/list?

The one that originates the thread seems to be
http://www.blendernation.com/ has multiple articles with videos
(download or google) covering what happened around the Open Source
booth, mostly from Blender POV, but you can see the demo schedule in
one of the videos, the booth in general, the global look of the
exhibition floor...

http://david.navi.cx/blog/?p=109 has also some comments and photos.

Inkscape http://www.inkscape.org/ Aqsis http://www.aqsis.org/ and
Verse http://www.uni-verse.org/ seem to have some "i will be there" in
the news or planet areas. No mention in Gimp pages. :[

About BoF meetings you can look at
http://www.siggraph.org/s2006/main.php?f=conference&p=birds and find
Blender, Verse, Xorg, BRL-CAD or Ogre managed to get a one. They are
casual talks about a given topic.

> Was this part of some kind of test performed during SIGGRAPH?

Based in the activities, it sounds pretty much like someone passed by
and asked in the free time. Same than others could had asked how to
adjust an animation in Blender or solve some render artifact in Aqsis.

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