>From: G Blair <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>The Open Source booth was busy demonstrating packages such as gimp, blender,
>inkscape, and others.  The degree of confidence varied.  Sample questions
>such as, "How do I remove red-eye?" stymied several volunteer gimp operators.

Yep, open source people could learn to answer to that kind of questions.
The similar happens in pro-audio side as well.

One possible answer is to ask what plugin they have used in PhotoShop.
They could ask the plugin author to release the GIMP version. Specially
if the algorithm has been patented.

Second possible answer is to say GIMP cannot do it, perhaps it can be
done with plugins, the GIMP sites provide lists of available plugins.

Without correct answers the "how do I" questions could go on and on.
Photoshop authors could list all features of their $$$$$ plugin set
and seriously expect that every feature has an open source equivalent
of the same quality.

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