may be i misunderstood your actual specification, but when you define modifiers, i only talk about multiselection modes. What about old options with Ctrl and Shift that does the same as "Expand from center" and "Make Square". In fact it may confuse the user, because these options have to be checked before the selection is drawn. I agree with Sven on this : keep the old way, because users are accustomed to it. Options like this could be set in an expander for example.

An other thing : The last check box of the rectangle* tool is here told as "Tons vifs" and gives a temporary grey color to the area outside the selection square : 1. may be it is a translation trouble, but french words don't seem appropriate to me. 2. why not also having an intermediate grey color between rectangle and ellipse limit, because for the user the ellipse is as important as rectangle reference shape.

Cedric (pygmee)
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