On Thu, 2006-08-10 at 22:51 +0200, cedric GEMY wrote:
> may be i misunderstood your actual specification, but when you define 
> modifiers, i only talk about multiselection modes. What about old 
> options with Ctrl and Shift that does the same as "Expand from center" 
> and "Make Square".
> In fact it may confuse the user, because these options have to be 
> checked before the selection is drawn.
> I agree with Sven on this : keep the old way, because users are 
> accustomed to it. 

I don't think that we absolutely need to continue doing things the old
way. Users get accustomed to new behaviour quite fast, as long as it
offers everything they need.

I agree though that it is important to make "Expand from Center" and
"Make Square" more easily accessible. I believe that we need to use
modifier keys for this, quite similar to the way the old tools used to
work. The old implementation was however rather unintuitive and hard to
discover, mainly because pressing the modifiers didn't change the
selection immidiately, you had to move the mouse first. This is due to a
limitation in the tools code and cannot be fixed in the selection tools
alone. It needs some changes to the tools infrastructure. But I think we
need to do those changes now, simply because we can't implement a
satisfying behaviour without them.

Mitch and me discussed this with Peter a while ago and our conclusion
was that it makes sense to continue to use the modifier keys pressed
when creating the selection to define whether the selection is replaced,
added, subtracted or intersected. Then, while creating the selection,
the modifier keys can be reused to add constraints such as "expand from
center" and "make square". But in order to make this behaviour
understandable by the user, it is important that there is immidiate
feedback, unlike with the old tools. Pressing Ctrl should immidiately
center the selection on the starting point, releasing the modifier key
should restore it. Same for the Shift key. If you press it, the
selection outline needs to change to a square/circle immidiately.


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