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The use a keyboard interface is also a good idea, but still to be done.. :)
About to see the mouse pointer while setting the perspective plane..
currently the cursors are used in the same way as in perspective tool,

They aren't!  I can see my  mouse cursor in the perspective tool!
Perhaps  my  cursor  preferences would help  you to  notice  this.. I think i have the cursor set to fancy rendering mode, and to only show the crosshairs.

I think that disable linear interpolation would do the tool unusable,
here you can see some examples:


That's expected and desired behaviour. As I said, subsampling and interpolation have the same problem for me, they add colors; I know that many people don't care about incidentally adding colors, but  having direct control over the colors is important for what I do.
The rough edges show me where I should touch up manually because the computer can't decide well (these same areas need touchup regardless of whether interpolation is used or not; interpolation reduces definition, no-interpolation reduces smoothness.)
If I am forced to use interpolation with a tool, I must adjust colors after each usage of it. Mostly this is unrewarding and tedious; I usually get better results quicker by manual cleanup.

And similar with interpolation:

Can you provide some images where interpolation doesn't works fine? so
if this option is needed I can add it to the UI

Sure, when I get my stuff migrated from my old HD completely. Later today, perhaps (depending on how much recompilation is needed)

Actually... For your tool to work similarly to the clone tool and perspective tool, I just realized it MUST be able to disable interpolation. Otherwise it doesn't work on INDEXED images (have you tried it on an indexed image yet?)

Btw, I have added the same options for paint that are used in clone
tool, and have moved the radio buttons where you choose if you are
setting the perspective plane or cloning to the top of the options UI.

Good, I'll check that out at the same time.

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