Quoting David Gowers:

There is a flag for making a parasite undoable (GIMP_PARASITE_UNDOABLE?)
Are you saying that this flag doesn't work? It does for me in PyGimp -- I use it most of the time.

I don't think that flag's name is exposed in Script-fu but it does appear to work fine when flag is hardcoded as "2" and it does precisely that which I needed, thanks.

There does not appear to be a way to create multiple parasites with
the same name -- the "*-parasite-attach" function changes the value of
the existing parasite. Is there a reason for the parasite to be
enclosed doubly within a list?

This looks like a Script-fu bug. PyGimp doesn't do this, it just returns the parasite itself.

After further consideration, I do not think it is a bug; the original author was probably providing for the future case of being able to pass glob patterns and receiving a list of matching results (where each item in the list is a list itself).

I did some tests on this awhile ago, and IIRC they [tattoos] don't get
reused until a very long time (about 2^31 iterations of creating new layers/vectors/channels). Much the same as IDs in that respect.

I was hoping that would be the case; again, precisely that which I desired.

Thank you for your responses.
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