> > Hi, I'm searching through the CVS web viewer for the XCF specs without
> > success http://cvs.gnome.org/viewcvs/gimp/
> > could someone tell me in which directory does it resides ?
> http://cvs.gnome.org/viewcvs/gimp/devel-docs/xcf.txt?rev=1.2&view=markup

Thanks, I was willing to read the last version before to ask a clueless 
question. Some months ago someone on a mailing-list asked how he could change 
the comment of xcf files in order to add licencing informations (such as GPL 
or creative-commons), so as it seems it's not possible from the GUI (maybe we 
all failed on this mailing-list to find it) I tryed to write a script to 
change the comment. I noticed that the byte just before the comment (which 
resides at the begining of the xcf) was the length of this comment, so I 
tryed to make a script for that guy which changed the comment, and changed 
the length byte of it too. But It didn't work.

From the specs draft I guess that's because there are offsets before the 
comment, is it right ?
(I haven't found for the xcf comment in this draft, perhaps I have missed it?)

thanks in advence
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