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In SVG files there are fields in <metadata> for licencing informations and so
on (you can have an overview of it wathing the xml source of, for exemple,
this file http://openclipart.org/clipart/people/people_juliane_krug_09c.svg)
so I was wondering if it is planed to provide such features in the futur xcf2?

My current work on XCF2 has been moved over to a collaboration with
krita developers on an OpenRaster specification that aims to
use/become OpendDocument. I presume OpenDocument has ways of dealing
with this, but it is far beyond the things I currently care to
experiment with[1]. I am currently only concerned with a compositing
tree of layers (with compositing modes and filters, potentially the
definition of filters through a syntax similar to SVG-filters with
custom graph based pipelines.)

/Øyvind K.

1: http://pippin.gimp.org/OpenRaster/
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