Sven said:
> Correction: the vector layer code is in its own branch and it is not
> going to be part of the 2.4 release. It will not be merged to HEAD until
> after the 2.4 release.

Simon said:
> That is not correct, the code is in the soc2006-vector-layers branch in
> CVS and will not be merged with HEAD before 2.4, since this is such a
> drastic change, that needs way more user testing before we release it in
> the wild.
> That having said, I am really glad about this project, it works quite
> nicely already, although there is of course a lot of room for polishing.

Thanks for the corrections.

Alexander asked:
> Divyanshu's blog has no download links, registry.gimp.org knows
> nothing about "wavelet" and it's not clear if his code is going to
> make its way to 2.4 or after 2.4, or will be available as plug-ins at
> registry.gimp.org sometime later. Any updates on this please?

Plug-ins are typically developped outside CVS, so they're not in the
repository. They didn't get put into the registry either, but, well, the
registry sucks a bit and badly needs replacing.


Simon listed this tarball as the place to get the source code in the
Google SoC report.

<about resources repository project>
> Considered he started well, is there some initial code for others to start 
> from?

No idea. You could ask Andrey himself, or his mentor, Michael Schumacher.


David Neary

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