not sure if I can reach a lot of translators here, but the ones who are
reading the gnome-i18n list should already be aware of this issue...

We have started to use translation contexts in GIMP. Only in a couple of
places so far, but we will probably extend this to more strings. The
idea of translation context is that one string can have different
meanings depending on the context it is being used in. And this string
is likely to have different translations depending on the context. The
solution to this problem is to add some context for the translators. You
will find strings such as:


The first is a linear gradient as used with the Blend tool. The second
is linear interpolation as used in the Scale dialogs. Now if you are
translating such a string, you must not include the translation context
in the translation. There are several translations in CVS that got this
wrong. For example:

 #: ../libgimpbase/gimpbaseenums.c:388
 msgid "gradient|Linear"
 msgstr "degradado|Lineal"

 #: ../libgimpbase/gimpbaseenums.c:563
 msgid "interpolation|Linear"
 msgstr "interpolaciĆ³n|Lineal"

This needs to be changed to:

 #: ../libgimpbase/gimpbaseenums.c:388
 msgid "gradient|Linear"
 msgstr "Lineal"

 #: ../libgimpbase/gimpbaseenums.c:563
 msgid "interpolation|Linear"
 msgstr "Lineal"

So please review your translations and take care that these issues are
fixed before 2.4.

Oh, and please, don't start a discussion about this. This is the
established technique for adding context to translations. It is
supported by GLib and used throughout the GNOME project.


PS: Perhaps someone wants to update the README.i18n file for this?

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