I know this is rather old but it still seems pertinent.

Now that lanczos is firmly in place and seems to work pretty well this
probably should be addressed.

It seems to me the there is a fundemental analytical difference between
expand and reduce even tho' the two can be presented on the same %age
input, does this make sense?

Either the list of "interpolation" methods needs to swap about depending
on the % value entered or two different dlgs are needed. Image|Expand and Image|Reduce.

I suggest the latter solution is preferable. This would present the user with clearer choises and technically correct, better performing filters could be applied to reduction.

It seems a user would choose to either increase or decrease an image. One or the other.

How much bigger/smaller is a continuous scale but the choice of direction
is binary.

The coding is presumably fairly straightforward bit it seems a different
set of choices are needed for reduction.

best regards, GG

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