> The space bar feature is still present (as an option) and it has always
> been implemented by switching to the Move tool temporarily.
> Sven

Indeed, you are correct. I must have switched the "affect:" option of
the Move tool during my experimentation and failed to restore it.

> These are plug-ins (color2alpha, semiflatten, threshold_alpha) or tools
> (Rotate tool). Plug-ins automatically honor the selection, 

And being able to make such a blanket statement should simplify things
for the user. Unfortunately, without a way of differentiating between a
plug-in or a core function in the menu system that knowledge is of no
benefit to the user.

Nonetheless, of more importance than the Layer menu, it would be of
great benefit to the user interface to be able to make such a general
statement about tools (i.e., tools automatically honor the selection).
Since there is only one tool that violates this at the current time, it
would seem most reasonable to make that tool conform; especially since
Move operations bear such a connection and similarity to Transform

The current "Affect:" options of the Move Tool and all of the transform
tools have the same tool hints: "Transform Layer", "Transform
Selection", and "Transform Path". There is nothing in the user interface
to suggest that the Move Tool does not honor selections while the other
tools do. It seems to me that adding a "Transform Selection Contents"
mode to the Move tool and a "Transform Layer" mode to the transform
tools would provide an extremely desirable commonality while correcting
an obvious inconsistency.

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do 
not care who gets the credit." -- Harry S. Truman

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