All tools in the current toolbox honor the selection EXCEPT the Move
Tool -- though in some cases the selection is not reasonably applicable
(eyedropper, zoom, measure, and crop) and in cases of the "selection
tools", there are modes which modify how selections are treated. 

To a large extent, all operations in the Layers menu do not honor
selections. The notable exceptions are:

Transparency->Color To Alpha
Transparency->Threshold Alpha
Transform->Arbitrary Rotate

I would submit that the exceptions listed would best be eradicated: that
a general policy be maintained that the default behavior of all
functions under the Layer Menu operate on drawables while disregarding
any selection and that the default behavior of all tools in the Toolbox
honor selections (unless directed otherwise).

In order to prosecute such a policy, I would propose the following
changes to the current (development) interface:

1) Move the offending Transparency functions to the new Colors menu.
2) Have the Arbitrary Rotate MENU function ignore the selection, operate
on the drawable, and not generate a floated layer.
3) Modify the Move Tool so that it operates precisely like the
"transform" tools, honoring the selection and operating on its contents.
(This means that a dialog would be presented, numeric offsets possibly
enterred, and OK pressed to generate a floated layer).
4) Add a modified mode to ALL of the transform tools (plus/including the
new Move Tool) which makes them ignore the selection, operate on the
drawable, and not generate a floated layer. Ideally, if the tool is
activated in this mode (perhaps CTRL+ALT being held down while the mouse
is initially clicked), there should be no dialog presented and the
operation take place when the mouse button is released (if the mode is
activated after the tool is executed then pressing OK would be required).
5) Restore the option to use the space bar to move the current layer
without any dialog being presented. This could readily be implemented by
executing the Move Tool in the "ignore selection" mode.

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do 
not care who gets the credit." -- Harry S. Truman

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