Please forgive the cross posting to both developer and
user... the user mailing list apparently is spending
more time flaming one another about "gimp" or "the
gimp", so I'll repost here.

I've compiled and installed gimp/gtk/glib on my g5.
Errors result at startup.

I've copied the output below. Gimp 1.2 is crashing
with the same error, but at a different point; I do
get a splash screen with gimp 1.2, but not with gimp
2.x. This happens for fink, darwinports, and hand
installed versions. Initially, gimp 2.x crashes when
attempting to load gimprc, though if gimprc is created
in my home directory, it crashes when loading themerc.
The output is for 2.2.13 run with gimp -s --verbose

/opt/local/bin/gimp -s --verbose > output.txt
gimp_composite: use=yes, verbose=no
Processor instruction sets: -mmx -sse -sse2 -3dnow
-altivec -vis

(script-fu:14146): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: script-fu:
wire_read(): error
Bus error

output.txt reads as:

INIT: gimp_load_config
Parsing '/opt/local/etc/gimp/2.0/gimprc'
Parsing '/Users/jon/.gimp-2.2/gimprc'
Adding theme 'Default'
Adding theme 'Small'
Writing '/Users/jon/.gimp-2.2/themerc'
INIT: gimp_initialize
INIT: gimp_real_initialize
INIT: gui_initialize_after_callback
INIT: gimp_restore
INIT: gui_restore_callback
GimpClipboard: writable pixbuf format: image/png
GimpClipboard: writable pixbuf format: image/bmp
GimpClipboard: writable pixbuf format: image/x-bmp
GimpClipboard: writable pixbuf format: image/x-MS-bmp
GimpClipboard: writable pixbuf format: image/x-icon
GimpClipboard: writable pixbuf format: image/tiff
GimpClipboard: writable pixbuf format: image/jpeg
INIT: gimp_real_restore
Starting extension: 'extension_script_fu'
INIT: gui_restore_after_callback
loading menu
'/opt/local/share/gimp/2.0/menus/toolbox-menu.xml' for
loading menu
'/opt/local/share/gimp/2.0/menus/image-menu.xml' for

I'm sort of at a stand still... any help is greatly


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