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Ask Alex Stark as the original algorithm comes from him but I think he just had an idea to improve it but didn't further investigate it.

Maybe you could ask him if he's your co-dev. You could presumably ask a more relevant qu. than anyone new to the code.


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I am the a codeveloper of the gimp-ace2 plugin
(http://registry.gimp.org/plugin?idR21). I would be very happy
if this usefull plugin would be added to GIMP-2.3.x.

Please don't it as offence, but last time I investigated ACE (ca. 4
months ago), developers (you) were unsure about part of algorithms.
Was it resolved then?

Ahhh, this is what I'm talking about:


"We're seeking better solutions to the problem described under the
color method section above, but we seem to have exhausted our
expertise. Input is welcome."


Well it looks useful on the face of it and the colour issue seems to be a minor technical one.

There are plugins in Gimp that seem less finished than ACE2 seems to be, maybe it's worth considering.

I'd call it a distortion filter rather than an enhancement but it's an interesting effect that could be useful.

According to:
This document describes the method used by the Adaptive Contrast Enhancement (ACE) package for colour images. (Note that this is only implemented for the command-line and Tk versions of the software; the GIMP plug in may be updated once a decision is made. The pictures in my web pages were generated using this method.)

Does the plugin now produce the results on the Ace home page , if not what does it do?

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