Hans Breuer wrote:
To make the new script-fu compile and work on win32 with msvc some small source adaptions were necessary.

I've been looking over the patches. I have updated my copy of the source with some of the proposed changes.

    plug-ins/script-fu/scheme-wrapper.c : mark the function pointer
  ts_output_routine as SCHEME_EXPORT. It is defined in the scheme library
  and used (imported) by the script-fu executable.

I'm still thinking about using SCHEME_EXPORT on ts_output_routine(). I agree about using it on a couple of the other functions. I also found one other missing function missing SCHEME_EXPORT in its declaration.

  * plug-ins/script-fu/ftx/ftx.c : wrap #include <unistd.h> by
  #ifdef WIN32.
  * plug-ins/script-fu/tinyscheme/scheme.c : include <io.h> and define
  access() to _access(). Avoid redefining stricmp() for the msvc case.
  It already is exported from C runtime library.

The proposed MSVC specific changes should be attached to a bugzilla report. Those changes need to be checked by people using other compilers in Windows before the changes get commited to CVS.

The #ifndef USE_STRCASECMP there seems strange cause even for the mscv

Looking at this issue I realized that the USE_STRCASECMP became obsolete with the addition of the support for UTF-8 coded characters. I will be commiting a fix for this at the same time as the SCHEME_EXPORT changes.



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