On 02.11.2006 07:01, Kevin Cozens wrote:
Hans Breuer wrote:
To make the new script-fu compile and work on win32 with msvc some small source adaptions were necessary.

I've been looking over the patches. I have updated my copy of the source with some of the proposed changes.

    plug-ins/script-fu/scheme-wrapper.c : mark the function pointer
  ts_output_routine as SCHEME_EXPORT. It is defined in the scheme library
  and used (imported) by the script-fu executable.

I'm still thinking about using SCHEME_EXPORT on ts_output_routine(). I agree about using it on a couple of the other functions. I also found one other missing function missing SCHEME_EXPORT in its declaration.

There are some unused functions which could be exported, but they are not yet necessary for the new script-fu. The function pointer is.

  * plug-ins/script-fu/ftx/ftx.c : wrap #include <unistd.h> by
  #ifdef WIN32.
  * plug-ins/script-fu/tinyscheme/scheme.c : include <io.h> and define
  access() to _access(). Avoid redefining stricmp() for the msvc case.
  It already is exported from C runtime library.

The proposed MSVC specific changes should be attached to a bugzilla report. Those changes need to be checked by people using other compilers in Windows before the changes get commited to CVS.

GIMP on win32 gets build with mingw and msvc for a while. I'm not aware of any other compilers used. The two mentioned both use the microsoft runtime and changes like this were done without any period of rest in bugzilla. See for example libgimpbase/gimpwin32-io.h

The #ifndef USE_STRCASECMP there seems strange cause even for the mscv

Looking at this issue I realized that the USE_STRCASECMP became obsolete with the addition of the support for UTF-8 coded characters. I will be commiting a fix for this at the same time as the SCHEME_EXPORT changes.


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