Here then, an alternative to Foreground Selection Tool (In both sizes - 16x16 and 22x22).
Look also an screenshot of my self-compiled Gimp 2.3.12 (with icons changes ;))

I hope not violate any Copyright, cause I just changed the background of the Icons developed before by Jakub Steiner ([EMAIL PROTECTED]).
And that changes are just to show my suggestions.

Dalai Felinto

Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

2006/11/4, Sven Neumann < [EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

On Sat, 2006-11-04 at 14:46 -0300, Dalai Felinto wrote:

> 1) The CROP tool have been changed. The question is: if I begin my
> selection outside the canvas, just a black square is show. Why not
> consider the limits as the starter parameter? In terms of usability,
> anyone who came from others programs can be very confused about that.
> The question is, this is a bug?

The crop tool is still under development and will undergo some changes
before 2.4. Remember, this is just a development snapshot.

> 2) I loved the Tango Theme, but also think the critics about him is
> very pertinent (did some time ago in this list). Specially about the
> "Foreground Selection Tool", the SIOX. You can't know if this command
> is or isn' t selected. The discussion about the changes is open yet??

Some of the icons could certainly need an improvement. But I don't think
that a discussion about icons makes much sense. Proposing alternatives
would probably make sense.


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