I recently compiled the GIMP 2.3.12 in Linux Ubuntu 6.06.

Everything is working the way is supposed to, but I have two questions:

1) The CROP tool have been changed. The question is: if I begin my selection outside the canvas, just a black square is show. Why not consider the limits as the starter parameter? In terms of usability, anyone who came from others programs can be very confused about that. The question is, this is a bug?

2) I loved the Tango Theme, but also think the critics about him is very pertinent (did some time ago in this list). Specially about the "Foreground Selection Tool", the SIOX. You can't know if this command is or isn' t selected. The discussion about the changes is open yet??

Well, sorry if my English isn't good, but  "c' est la vie" .

Regards, and thanks,
Dalai Felinto
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil


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