>> 3. Change the default image size (any particular reason it is 377x233?)
>>     I'd suggest 1024x768
> I'd suggest VGA (640x480) or even less, so that it fits on a 1024x768
> screen.  Web statistics from July 2006 show that only 19% of the users
> have screens larger than 1024x768.  While I expect this percentage to be
> higher among GIMP users (maybe close to 40% or 50%?), we should still
> make sure that the default settings work fine on a typical laptop
> screen (widescreen laptops are not so common yet even if they represent
> the majority of the new sales in many countries).

I agree here, 1024x768 is way too large for default.

>> 6. A wider selection of basic brushes would be good, especially with the 
>>    #5.
> Agreed.  Any proposals?

I think there should at least be a set of much larger brushes, both
solid and soft, something like 30, 50, 100, 200, 300

>> 9. I'd turn on "Save Tool options on exit" by default. We have a "reset
>>     to default" in the dialogs if someone wants to reset the tools.
> Hmmm...  I'm not sure about that one.  I easily forget that I had
> lowered the brush opacity in my previous gimp session and sometimes it
> takes me a while to see that something is wrong.  I prefer to start in
> a predictable state.  Of course I can turn off the auto-save feature.
> But I am not sure about what the default should be...

I think is should be turned on by default. The reason is that it is much
less work to reset the tool options than to re-configure them as they
were. If a user does a lot of changes to the tool options, it is easier
to fix "Ah crap, it saved my tool options, I want them reseted." than
"Ah crap, all my precious tool options adjustments didn't get saved!".

- Martin N.

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