So, are you saying that you never receive events where event->type ==
Is there any other way to implement the action you want to bind to
doubleclicking? No other tool uses doubleclicking, and consistency is often
preferable. Enter should probably be kept even if you do implement another
way of accessing autocomplete, since it is consistent with the workings of
the transform tools (and a few others?)
Personally, I would find <some combo of modifiers>+click more comfortable
than double clicking - I would expect when double clicking that 2 new points
would be added in the location of my clicks.

On 12/9/06, Paul Gnuyen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Implementing this feature as requested, I find that there appears to be
no way for a tool to handle a double click event as it is eaten further
up.  Is handling double click impossible from a tool?  I currently have
the tool autocomplete when someone hits enter, but I'm sure double click
would be nicer.


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