Bug 119646's priority is marked as high, I thought this was accepted as

The polygonal select tool will act as the freehand tool, making quick
additions and subtractions easily done.  The path tool requires more
clicking and does not support the enabling/disabling of feathering or
antialiasing nor the ability to quickly make polygonal shape selections
that are at controlled angles.  People desire this tool as evidenced by
the many dupes of the enhancement request.  This is the way all other
major graphics programs work, so people are used to this tool and are
used to it's workflow.  

While one could argue, that the freehand tool, polygonal select, and
intelligent select could be merged into the same tool, polygonal
selection was added to the select shapes from image tool, and was
rejected on the basis that such functionality should not be hidden and
be easier to access. 

On Sat, 2006-12-16 at 13:01 +0100, peter sikking wrote:
> Paul Gnuyen wrote:
> > I don't know what full specifications look like for tools in the gimp
> > but here's a shot.
> >
> > The Polygonal Selection Tool
> >
> > Selects regions by connecting points clicked with line segments
> There is a cost (complexity, usage of UI bandwidth) to every
> tool that is added to GIMP.
> May I ask why are you trying add a tool that does a small part of
> what the path tool does, and then an automatic path-to-selection?
> If you can tell me why it is worth the cost, I can help you
> to make the specification better.
>      --ps
>          principal user interaction architect
>          man + machine interface works
>          http://mmiworks.net/blog : on interaction architecture

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