Sven Neumann wrote:

> You need to move the call to gimp_drawable_preview_draw_region() into
> the pixel region processing loop. This is because
> gimp_pixel_rgns_process() modifies the pixel regions it works on. The
> processed data is also already sent to the core when you are done with
> processing. You can't update the preview with that data at this point.

That makes sense. I guessed something like that was going on, but it's 
not obvious exactly where.

> If you are using gimp_pixel_rgns_process() you should also remove the
> call to gimp_tile_cache_ntiles(). It isn't needed because the data is
> processed tile-by-tile.

It's OK, I don't have that in my plugin, it's just a remnant from the 
sample code.

Thanks for the help!

David Hodson  --  this night wounds time
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