On Sat, 2007-01-13 at 18:19 +0200, Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:
> There are currently two options to open a file when other image window 
> already exists: to open it via main GIMP window or to do it via image 
> window. They are rather equal from the user's POV and the choice 
> (unconscious) depends on the currently active window (at least for me).
> But the result differs: in case of main window menu the file cursor 
> remains at the position of the last opened file. It is very convenient.
> In case of image window the cursor is "lost" and no file is selected. 
> Even more, trying to open a file via main menu would have the same 
> result - the cursor is already lost.

The behaviour with GTK+ 2.10 (which is what we are going to depend on
for GIMP 2.4) is even different from that. No file is ever selected.
What you are seeing here is probably a bug in GTK+. In any way it's
certainly not intentional behavior. So please have a look at the code
and check what GIMP is actually doing. If there's an inconsistency in
the GIMP code, we need to fix it there. If it's a GTK+ bug, we should
make sure that it gets reported with a reproducable test case.

> I think it is a bug and would suggest the next behavior in case of 
> opening a file via image menu:
> 1. the file cursor is set to the last file opened in the session as 
> currently is done via the menu from GIMP main window.
> 2. the file cursor is set to the current file from the window with the 
> image (even if it is opened from a directory other than the last one) if 
> it isn't a new file. The result of the second option would become equal 
> to the first one if only one image is opened simultaneously.

That's exactly what the code is trying to do, IIRC.

> The file selection behavior could be based on personal preferences (in 
> settings).

Definitely not. The file selection dialogs should simply behave
correctly. There is no need to ask the user for a decision here.


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