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So I was asked to suggest new features on the mailing-list and only
file bug report after they have been discussed there ... and it seems
theres a misunderstanding to be resolved and i wouldn't mind more
exposure for this ... :)

My proposal is about an alternative to using either layers
or saved selections to draw on areas of an image with sharp
edges between them.


Shows a typical case, ignoring the background we have
two such areas: body and hand.

Drawing zones are about dividing the image into 2 or more
(non-overlapping) regions. These zones would be a bit like multiple
selections. If you start drawing in one zone, you can't draw over
another zone without releasing the mouse-button / lifting the pen (same
effect as drawing outside of the current selection).

Such a feature would remove the need for using layers and moving between
or constantly changing selections in cases where adjacent areas need sharp
edges between them.

Using layers would mean constant switching between them. Same for
selections. Long mouse-ways in both cases. Zones, once setup could be
left active for long durations.

This has nothing to do with split-views, Sven, as the image is shown
the same way, not in parts. You would just need marching ants or similar
for the zone extents and the ability to hide them.

If it's still unclear, I'll provide graphical explanation.


This would be wonderfully useful to me for CGing. You would need to be able
to define zones per-layer - It would only greatly reduce the need for
layers, not obviate them completely, for example when I'm making an
alternate coloration or remake of something, I like to paste it over the
original as a new layer, and use the enter key to toggle it's visibility.

I think you would have to use saved selections rather than layers, to avoid
the strange 'sibling-effects-sibling' behaviour (ie one layer is real, other
is zonemasks, but they're both in the same list). If you specified a rule
such as 'zonemasks are always the layer immediately above the layer they
apply to, if the layer has zonemasks at all' you could probably manage layer
based zonemasks (of course they're better cause they can be in color.)
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